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Bali Mini Blinds

bali2 BALI APARTMENT MINI BLINDS PART 1– GENERAL 1.01 DESCRIPTION Related Requirements The Conditions of the Contract (General and Supplementary, and other Conditions), and Division 1 … Access Content Vinyl blindsThe name Bali® has been synonymous with mini blinds for nearly four decades. Today, Bali proudly holds a leadership position among all product offerings …… Read More »

Window Treatments Drapes

WINDOW TREATMENTSWINDOW TREATMENTS UNIVERSITY CONTACT: Facilities Planning & Construction (302)831-1744 GENERAL INFORMATION: 1. All Exterior windows to receive window treatments. 2. Drapes to be provided when requested and approved by UD. 4. … View Document Window Treatments Westchesterdrapes, top treatments, and shutters all have different styles and proportions. Many window treatments may seem perfect at… Read More »